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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Chicago

Chicago has long list of talented tattoo artists and some really great studios. Yet, even with this wealth of talent, we were only able to find a few reads on the best shops.

We decided to create our own list – and without further wait, we present you with the best tattoo artists in Chicago.


SoloKill – Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

SoloKill just rocks. She’s an incredibly talented artist with a magnificent Japanese style. If you’re looking to get a Koi, Hannya, or any other similar figure, this is definitely the girl you want to see.

Tine DeFiore – Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Tine has a rocking style. Focusing mainly on pointillism and blackwork her work standouts as one of a kind within the city. We’ve featured her work on the account more than once, and we hope to see more of Tina in the future.

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Delphine Noiztoy – (Travelling, will be in Chicago this spring)

A strict blackworker, Delphine is able to mix pointillism and linework with her own brand of striking imagery. Browsing through Delphine’s page is a pleasure as there’s a bit of something for everyone.

David Allen – Pioneer Studios

Both a painter and a tattooist, David is well known within the city of Chicago. His multidisciplinary approach is evident in his work; in some items you can see elements of brush strokes and unique pattering more common to a canvas than that of a tattoo (dope!). David has some really neat prints for sale up on his site – you should totally check them out.

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Daniel TiptonFamily Tattoo

The windy city loves it’s traditional and Daniel Tipton gives the people what they want. Clean bold lines mixed with his own spin on classic designs separate Tipton from the pack. Read our review on Chicago’s Family Tattoo right here.

Nick Colella – Great Lakes Tattoo

Nick’s work is fun, bold and colorful. Well known in Chicago, Nick has put his stamp on a large percentage of it’s tattooed population. If you like Nick: Check out Franz Stefanik, one of our best tattoo artists in Toronto

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Patrick Cornolo – Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Three adjectives can be used to describe Patrick Cornolo’s style: distinct, illustrative & imaginative. He’s a truly versatile artist able to handle many types of tattooing, but what strikes us most is his animated form of semi realism. Needless to say, we like what you’re doing Patrick, keep up the good work. Patrick is the owner of the Speak Easy, and for this, he gets a tonne of love in our books.

Eris Qesari – Venture Tattoo Studio

The owner of Venture Tattoo, Eris is one hell of a realistic tattooist. Just outside of Chicago (in Oak Park) you would be hard pressed to find a more detailed creator anywhere in the city.

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Jr. Diaz – Venture Tattoo Studio

Another Venture artist, Diaz takes after the realistic style provided by Qesari. Diaz has a sinister style – often featuring dark skulls and roses.

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Matt “Beatdown” Ziolko – Great Lakes Tattoo

Rounding off our list is “Beatdown” with his funky neo-trad work. Check him out if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, within the traditional mold.

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We want to finish off the article with a shout out to Mike Tofano – an artist we really wanted to include in this list, but had to leave out as we’re trying to present an Instagram first view. Sorry Mike – get Instagram and we’ll get you up here!

The Best Tattoo Shops In Chicago


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