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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Denver

There’s a massive group of talented artists and a long standing history of traditional and contemporary tattooing in all of Denver. For this reason, naming the best tattoo artists in Denver (Colorado’s most populous city) is not a simple ask.

When you start searching for the best tattoo artists in this awesome city you can’t find any concrete content or listings.  There are only a few optimized results and a random assortment of Yelp like items, so, we decided to put something together deserving of the artists in question. We hope you’ll enjoy.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. And that our inclusions and exclusions may raise questions and comments. Our goal with these lists is always to reflect a grouping of artists in a specific area that we are quite fond of – rather than the word of all out gospel. We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattooists we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list.

While we do consider this list a grouping of our “best tattoo artists in Denver” we also want to acknowledge a HUGE grouping of talented tattoo artists that we could not have not made this article without: Brian Henry, Nate Stephens, Casey O, B.J Giacco, Henry Quiles, Mister Chunk, Adam Van Deutekom, Tanner Buffy, Scottie DeVille, Jacob Rivera, and all of the other talented artists in this city.

Without further adieu, here is a look at our choice for best tattoo artists in Denver:


Aries Rhysing – Til Death Tattoo


Matt ScanlanThink Tank Tattoo


Billy CrandallRitual Tattoo & Gallery


Nick BryantBlack Atlas Tattoo


Chris EvansEOD Tattoo



Rachel PatonRitual Tattoo & Gallery


Yeyo MondragonCertified Customs Denver


Destroy TroyTil Death Tattoo



Jake Parsons – Old Larimer Street Tattoo


Graham NilesCertified Customs Denver



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