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Flat Earther Bets $100,000 To Anyone Who Can Prove Earth Is Round, Regrets Decision

Flat-Earther’s are the internet gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they keep upgrading their theories, presumably in an attempt to make themselves even less credible (think donut earth and Australia not existing); they also issue easily beatable challenges which they then need to wriggle out of.

That’s exactly what happened recently when a flat-earth YouTuber know as Flat Out Hero (a man with an apparent love for scraggly beards, sunglasses and exclamation marks) issued a challenge, offering a reward of $100,000.


In the video, Flat Out Hero challenges viewers to plot a route on a flight chart (an outdated navigational tool that hasn’t been used professionally in decades) in which they travel in a straight line, turn 90 degrees, travel for the same distance in a straight line, turn another degrees and travel the same distance for a third time. He claims that, due to there being no curvature to The Earth, the final destination will not be the same as the starting point.

A professional pilot, known on YouTube as Wolfie2060, took up the challenge. Using the vast array of professional navigational apps on his work iPod, he plotted a route to the exact specifications of Flat Out Hero’s challenge and, surprise surprise, ended up exactly where he started.


Wolfie then takes several minutes to walk-through his process and prove that he successfully beat the challenge, which he does in a way that a child could understand. He then goes on to explain that he’ll be giving half of the prize money to a children’s charity.

Unsurprisingly, Flat Out Hero doesn’t like this. In a video response to Wolfie and all the people telling him to pay up, he starts by offering to take Wolfie back to school. In a few more garbled sentences he talks about the differences between nouns and verbs and then tells Wolfie to f*!@ off. A true gentleman in defeat.

In Flat Out hero’s defense, Wolfie appears to speak with an Australian accent, making it very possible that he doesn’t even exist and is, in fact, a crisis actor.

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