Flat Earthers Now Believe The Earth Is Shaped Like A Donut

Is the Earth Shaped Like a Donut? Spoiler: No, of course it isn’t.

Flat-Eathers aren’t famous for their intelligence or articulation, but even by their standards, a post by Flat-Earth Society member, Varuag, is pushing it.

In a long, barely decipherable post on the The Flat-Earth Society website’s forum, Varuag posits the theory that instead of being shaped like a pancake, The Earth is, in fact, the shape of a donut.

OK. I’m being little mean. Varuag doesn’t ever actually say that he believes this to be fact, instead he says it’s a theory that he thinks can be built upon. He says that The Earth is a torus. According to Wikipedia a torus is “a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle”. In plain English, a three-dimensional donut.

In a series question and answers, Varuag laid his theory out. The first, and most important, question was along the lines of if it’s donut shaped, where’s the hole? Varuag responded that the curvature of light corresponds with the curvature of the torus, making the donut hole invisible (don’t worry, you’re not meant to understand).


Varuag goes on to explain his theory using logic that can barely even be described as pseudo-science. When asked “if I stand on the surface in the middle of the TE (torus earth) and look up, why can’t I see the opposite side of the torus?” He answers (and I quote),

Flat, or Donut?


“When you stand in the middle of the TE and look up, the light passes through the first atmosphere it reaches. However, by the time it reaches the second atmosphere (the one to re-enter the atmosphere of the TE) it has diminished enough to be reflected, and gets reflected into space, so you see space.”

So yeah. That about sums up the calibre of this theory. I’ve long ago given up attempting to figure out which parts of flat-earth theory satire and which are earnest. As always, I hope this is a joke but the sheer work gone into it suggests to me that Varuag is serious.

The link to the full thing is below, if you want to waste an hour making yourself less educated.

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