Is There a Cosmic, Earth-Sized Dolphin Swimming Through the Clouds of Jupiter?

Weirdly enough; yes, there kinda/sorta is.

Obviously, this isn’t a real, flesh and blood dolphin. That would be psychedelic nightmare-fuel and not the kind of fodder for a light blogpost such as this. However; images captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft show a shape that really is remarkably close to that of a dolphin, swimming through the clouds of Jupiter.

This dolphin, unlike most terrestrial objects that people claim to see in space, really does look like a dolphin. This isn’t a rock that vaguely resembles a sphinx (if you close one eye, tilt your head, and haven’t slept in three days). The resemblance really is pretty crazy. The formation which can be seen in the clouds of the massive gas-giant is roughly the size of Earth (and would, presumably, require a vast amount of continent-sized fish to sustain it.)


Juno caught the images in late October. The spacecraft was performing its 16th close flyby of Jupiter when it took the raw images which NASA releases directly to the public. These images where picked up by civilian visual artist, Sean Doran, who, along with another image processor, Brian Swift, enhanced to images to give us the stunning view of the dolphin-like formation.


After spotting the remarkable formation, Doran posted four striking images to his Twitter. As always with Twitter, there were naysayers and trolls but Doran fought back, correctly stating that he saw it first and it’s a dolphin. Fair enough, Sean. I’m with you.

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