How a scientist says he made a gene-edited baby – and what health worries may ensue

George Seidel, Colorado State University On Nov. 28, He Jiankui claimed to a packed conference room at the Second International … 0 104

Rogue science strikes again: The case of the first gene-edited babies

G. Owen Schaefer, National University of Singapore The idea of scientists tinkering with the genes of babies was once the … 0 87

What alchemy and astrology can teach artificial intelligence researchers

Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland Artificial intelligence researchers and engineers have spent a lot of effort trying to build machines … 0 74

The road to enhancement, via human gene editing, is paved with good intentions

John Evans, University of California San Diego It appears that researchers in China have facilitated the birth of the first … 0 78

Calling it a ‘war on science’ has consequences

John C. Besley, Michigan State University; Bruce W. Hardy, Temple University; Meghnaa Tallapragada, Clemson University , and Shupei Yuan, Northern … 0 81

In ‘airports of the future’, everything new is old again

Janet Bednarek, University of Dayton As massive new airports open across Asia and the Middle East, U.S. airports are enhancing … 0 80

Lessons from IBM for Google, Amazon and Facebook

James Cortada, University of Minnesota It’s impressive when companies last for decades – or even more than a century – … 0 114

How SpaceX lowered costs and reduced barriers to space

Wendy Whitman Cobb, Cameron University On March 2, SpaceX plans to launch its first test of an unmanned Dragon vehicle … 0 94

Protecting human heritage on the moon: Don’t let ‘one small step’ become one giant mistake

Michelle L.D. Hanlon, University of Mississippi Why did the hominin cross the plain? We may never know. But anthropologists are … 0 77

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