Mars, Solar System

How Strong Is The Gravity On Mars?

On Mars, the gravity is 3.711 m/s2. The gravity on this planet utilizes Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation to be calculated. This theory says that an object’s mass is proportional to the gravitational force that it exerts. When applied to a planet, or something else that is spherical and has a given mass, the gravity on the surface will be almost inversely proportional to the square of the radius.

What is Gravity?

To understand the implications of the reduced gravity on Mars compared to Earth, it is important to understand exactly what gravity is. It is defined as a force that pulls objects together. It is actually the weakest force throughout the entire universe. When larger space elements get within a close range to one another, gravity pulls them even closer together. When planets gain moons, it is usually due to them pulling them in via their gravitational pull.

Mars Gravity Compared to Earth

Compared to the surface gravity on Earth, the surface gravity on Mars is only approximately 38 percent as strong. This makes the overall gravitational force on Mars considerably weaker than on Earth. This is largely due to Mars having a lower density and a small mass compared to Earth.

The difference in gravity has an interesting effect on the weight of objects. For example, if an object on Earth weighed 100 pounds, it would only weigh 38 pounds on Mars due to the difference in the strength of the gravity.

How Time On Mars Would Affect Astronauts

Studies have been performed to determine how the lower gravity on Mars would affect the astronauts going there to perform research and exploration. After spending time in space, especially at an extended duration, it is not uncommon for astronauts to experience a variety of physiological changes, such as reduced performance and muscle mass, loss of bone density and reduced aerobic capacity. Countermeasures are taken to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the demands of space, but the change in gravity still takes its toll on the body.

You can see that the gravity on Mars could make living on the planet a bit interesting. Remember that the gravity on Earth is what prevents everything from floating around. On Mars, you would not be able to just walk around like you can on Earth. Scientists are continuing to explore the gravity on this planet to help them make plans for further exploration.

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